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First step: choose the product you like, and choose the properties and quantity you want, then click the Add to cart.

You can buy directly by the button show in the picture as follows:

After you collect all the items you want to buy, you can click the cart see details

Choose the country and shipping method, then click procced to checkout button.

Then you should complete your account information to draw this order.

        If you already registed and actived your account. Please complete the information, then you can checkout directly.

        Or if you have not registered yet, you can also complete this informatin in correct, but you must active your account via your email before you procced to checkout.

        If you not actived, please check your emailbox, and spam( set it trusted message), click verify your email address.

Active success

If you didn't active your account, you will see this page before you procced to checkout.

Try the method listed in the picture, that will help you active your account.

Then procced to checkout, show the Paypal page:

        Login your Paypal and pay for the order, congratulations !