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    How to track your orders online?

Q: Can all orders be tracked online?

A: Yes. All orders from  KKEMC.com  can track on line, more details, please read following.

Q: Where can I get my track no?

1. Please log in your account in our site, http://www.kkemc.com.

2. Please log in your email address, we will send email to you after we delivery to your parcel. Then you can find your track no in your email.

Q: How to choose the delivery mods?

A: More details please read Here

Q: How to judge the carrier for your Track number?

1. China postBegins with “R”:   RA********CN

2. ePacket: Begins with "L":  LT********CN

3. Dutch Post: End with "NL"  : R********NL

4. EMS: Begins with “E”: EE********CN 

5. DHL:  10 number: **********

6. Fedex: 12 number: ************

Q:What is the difference between the EMS and ePacket?

1. The ePacket delivery fee is cheaper. 

2.The epacket only can arrive about 30 countries, More details please read Here. and EMS can arrive almost all the country.

3. The ePacket Parcel is restrict less than 2kg,  and EMS no restrict.

4. The ePacket Parcel is strict for e-liquid and e-cigarette battery, and the ems loose requirements.

Q: How to check your track number in one website?

A: You can track you track number from http://www.17track.net/en/

1. Paste your tracking number, Then click track it.

track your order track number on kkemc.com

2. if it is can not track. Which one your track number is belong to?  Choose it and Click it.

track your order track number on kkemc.com

3. If it is not in the options, please choose carrier and click it.

track your order track number on kkemc.com

4.  Please find out your carrier and click it.

AUTO: It means the system will judge the carrier for you.

Global Postal: you can choose the airmail post, find out and click it.

track your order track number on kkemc.com

5. If you want to check more details for your track number, Please Click it and Go to the carrier's official website.

track your order track number on kkemc.com