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Automatic Retractable Glass Blunt Pipe Dry Herb Pipe Vaporizer

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Retractable Glass Blunt Dry Herb Pipe Introduction

        Rotating Retractable Glass Blunt Dry Herb Pipe Vaporizer Give You a Different Experience.
Retractable Glass Blunt Dry Herb Pipe Parameters:

        Product Name: Rotating Automatic Telescopic Pipe
        Model: K2580
        Specifications: length 112mm, diameter 20mm, weight: 50g
        Material: borosilicate glass, brass
        Packing: shockproof gift box packaging
        Structure:  It consists of a cigarette nozzle, an outer glass tube cover, a tobacco  tube glass tube cover, a copper tube porous tobacco bar, a  multi-threaded screw         rod, a nut, a guide rail and the like.
        Color: Gold, Silver, Rose gold

Retractable Glass Blunt Dry Herb Pipe Feature:

        1, the appearance of fashion and exquisite atmosphere,
        2, high quality (all copper material plus Gaopeng silicon glass tube combination),
        3, can be completely burned, according to the usual smoking rhythm, no need to re-ignite,
        4, the glass tube telescopic control of the burning point, the entire combustion process is clearly visible
        5, equipped with a spare glass tube, a set of cleaning accessories,
        6, exquisite shockproof gift box packaging, suitable for all occasions as a gift!
        Meet  all types of smokers, no matter where you are in any environment, let you be the focus...because of its uniqueness and magic! Let you smoke and enjoy the fun!

Retractable Glass Blunt Dry Herb Pipe Steps for usage:
        1. Fill the tobacco pipe with porous tobacco and tobacco Flavour
        2, rotating the outer glass tube cover
        3. Keep the inner glass tube port consistent with the porous copper tobacco port
        4, ignition, the first use, please observe the burning position of the cigarette
        5. Adjust the inner glass nozzle to keep pace with the burning position.
        6.  Adjust the distance of the inner glass tube to extend backward  according to the rhythm of your smoking. This will be a very interesting  and enjoyable smoking process, giving you a different smoking  experience and a gift for your father or boyfriend. He will be very happy

Retractable Glass Blunt Dry Herb Pipe Packing List:
        1  automatic retractable pipe,

        1 spare outer glass tube,

        1 spare inner  glass tube,

        1 cleaning brush,

        1 cleaning needle,

        10 filter mesh,

        1  shockproof packaging gift box and instructions for use.

Warranty: Please refer to Warranty Policy for details.