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Discount Coupon

KKEMC.COM do accept retail orders and wholesale orders as well. We do have different discounts for all the orders. Here goes the instruction.

 Orders>99.99USD, 3% Discount, Discount coupons: KKEMC03

 Orders>199.99USD, 5% Discount, Discount coupons: KKEMC05

 Orders>299.99USD8% Discount, Discount coupons: KKEMC08

 Orders>599.99USD, 15% Discount, Discount coupons: KKEMC15

 Orders>999.99USD, 30% Discount, Discount coupons: KKEMC30

The discount coupons can not be used with VIP group discounts together

if you place a big order and want to get a big discount, Please join VIP and email to sales@kkemc.com


1.We won't cover any customs risk for all orders.When you place your orders, you will be responsible for customs risk in your countries.

2.The discount coupons can not be used with any other discount including affiliate program or VIP group discounts together.

3.We decide the free shipping method for each qualified order without notice. 

Normally orders from USA, UK, Australia, Indonesia, New zealand, Japan,France, Belgium, Ireland, Finland, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, will be sent via EMS free shipping or DHL free shipping. 

Orders from other countries will be sent via China registered airmail free shipping.









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