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Shrink wraps for 18650 battery

18650 battery 72mm Shrink wrap PVC Heat insulation Re-wrapp film for sony vtc4 vtc5 samsung LG he4 and ultrafire 18650 series battery


Tubing:  29.5mm
ShrinkTempreture: 105
Shrink Rate: 48±5%
Volt: 300v

Color: Transparent, Black, Blue, Transparent Blue, Green, Candy GreenTransparent Green, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Transparent Yellow and Red, Total: 12 kinds of Color.

shrink wraps for 18650 batteries

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    More Details

    About the SIZE of 18650 battery and shrink wraps:

    1.the size of 18650 battery,  the length of 18650 battery is 65mm(L=65mm),  the diameter of 18650 battery is 18mm(d=18mm).  

    The size of 18650 battery

    The perimeter of battery:  

    the perimeter for 18650 battery


    2. The size of shrink wraps,  the lenght is 72mm(L=72mm), the width is 30mm for the warps(W=30mm)

    The perimeter of shink wraps are double width.


    The size of 18650 shrink wraps

    The perimeter of Wraps than battery more about 2-3 mm,  it is very easy to use it.

    Please note:  the item only shrink wraps,  without 18650 battery.







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